TRANSPARENT is a 35:17 mins long film in three parts (ANIMAL ORIGINS - 10:18, A LIVED IN CIRCLE 10:46 and TRANSPARENCIES 13:04), which are also intended to exist as individual works in their own right, to be experienced either on screen or as installations.

Supplementary materials that could be exhibited alongside these works, in a gallery environment, include some of the the actual transparencies featured in the film, amongst others not chosen (297X210mm). There is also a live performance  TRANSPARENCIES by Siobhan Davies, which could be re-created to expand on the technique and the ideas behind these works.

If you are interested in discussing screenings or installations of the films with or without these additional elements, please contact us on the details below.


For any educational institutions, dance companies or other places of learning who are interested in hosting a screening of Transparent, with live or virtual discussion with Siobhan Davies, please contact us on the details below. Other collaborators on this project may also be available.


TRANSPARENT (Siobhan Davies, David Hinton and Hugo Glendinning, UK, 35:17 min, 2022)

THE RUNNING TONGUE (Siobhan Davies and David Hinton, UK, 2015)
A film installation, 22 scenes made to be seen in a randomised constant loop. There is also a 30 minute version. (Link here)

ALL THIS CAN HAPPEN (Siobhan Davies and David Hinton, UK, 50 mins, 2012)
A film based on The Walk, a novella by Robert Walser. (link here)​​​​​​​

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